From The Chairman’s Desk

Here we are again gearing up for the end of year festivities when everyone really feels like 2019 is only beginning! The fifth and final Members’ Meeting for the year was held earlier this month and progress made
in the various CMA Working Groups was reported on. The Members’ Meetings are held every two months and apart from providing valuable feedback on the activities of the association, they provide a forum for important networking, establishing new contacts, and meeting with clients and/or suppliers.
When looking to the future, the CMA Research Panel has identified a number of research projects.
University students looking for a project to work on for post-graduate degrees are encouraged to look on the website for a list of these and make
contact with the association if deciding to take up one for their studies.
A high priority Education and training is always a high priority for
the CMA and a number of CMA training courses have taken place during the year as scheduled and some have also been run on-site. The on-site courses lend themselves to being more flexible according to the
client’s needs, and training officers and operations and engineering managers are welcome to discuss their requirements with Beth in the office or email her on
Unfortunately, the CMA transfer chute design course had to be postponed due to insufficient registrations. This will now be run in February
next year. More information on all CMA training courses is on the website, as well as the dates for 2020, and most importantly, there is a full listing
of every successful candidate going right back to 2008, when the first diploma in the design and operation of belt conveyors was held. The CMA
website is
Jay Pillay, Chairman