From the Chairman’s Desk

2020 has come to symbolise change in every absolutely every aspect of our lives, and none more so than in the use of the internet. There are many advantages to going digital for our news: primarily this is in its ease of access, immediacy and portability. Gone are the days of waiting for a printed version to drop through the post box, we want things now and at the touch of a finger!

A regular Bulk Handling Today newsletter is a very welcome method of keeping members and the wider materials handling industry up to date and in touch. Thank you, Promech Publishing, for going this route.

First up, it is congratulations to all seven candidates who recently attended the Design Diploma Course. The papers have been marked and moderated, and we are delighted to announce that all seven candidates passed the rigorous examination to achieve a Diploma in the Design and Operation of Belt Conveyors.

A number of candidates recently underwent training on the Transfer Chute Design Course and after handing in the assignment, wrote an examination on 11 November. The assignments and examination papers are in the process of being marked and after that will go to an independent moderator for verification, so watch this space for the results.

The names of every successful candidate from all the CMA training courses are uploaded to the training database on the website It is very easy to check the credentials using the search function.

Jay Pillay