An MRI for bridges

Dynamic Infrastructure is implementing the world’s first deeplearning
solution which allows bridge and tunnel owners and operators to obtain visual diagnosis of the assets they manage.
The system provides live, cloud-based, 3D views of the bridge or tunnel and automatically alerts when changes are detected in maintenance and operation conditions, before the issues evolve into large-scale failures.
With huge Opex and Capex positive impact, Dynamic Infrastructure is already conducting projects in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Israel Dynamic Infrastructure quickly creates “medical records” for every bridge, tunnel and elevated highway, based on existing images taken through periodic condition inspections through the years, including images from smartphones, drones and laser scanning. The technology compares old and archived images to new ones, detecting maintenance and operation issues, defects and anomalies. Like a MRI for humans, the 3D “medical records” serve as the basis for the alerts on changes in maintenance conditions. The diagnostics can be easily accessed through a web browser and can be instantly shared with peers and contractors to speed maintenance workflows and increase return on investment.
Dynamic Infrastructure