Technology to drive process and equipment efficiencies

Digital design and simulation technology tools are enhancing Weir Minerals Africa’s solution offering.
“With our focus firmly on integrated solutions, we are increasingly able to leverage technology to benefit our customers,” says Christian Stehle, head of engineering at Weir Minerals Africa. “This applies not only to how we design our product solutions, but how we help customers examine their whole process.”
Simulation and modelling software tools are key enablers in this quest. They give the Weir Minerals Africa engineering team the power to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD), for instance, to model the behaviour and flow of liquids and gasses.
“In addition to analysing our own equipment, we can also understand more about what happens upstream of our equipment,” he says. “Understanding material flow at various points of the customer’s plant process is vital to optimising how our equipment works.”
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Christian Stehle
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