Chain Blocks for All

The Verlinde range of chain blocks and hand lever hoists come with the quality of the brand and a variety of standard, heavy duty, explosion and corrosion proof options to lighten your load.
The VHR range of chain blocks is a standard chain block. If your application demands for lifting tackle that is explosion and corrosion proof, we suggest the VHR EX. This chain block is entirely corrosion and explosion proof, with additional options for a trolley or extra length chain, as needed. The range can lift loads ranging from 250kg to 20 000kg.
For a clean and sanitary lifting solution, the ZHV INOX is the chain block to consider. Popular within the chemical, precision and manufacturing industries, this is a stainless steel chain block, which provides a lifting capacity that ranges from 500 to 1000 kg.
The ZHV range of chain blocks offer lifting capacities that range from 500 to 50 000 kg (application dependent). Additional surface treatments are available per request.
In an effort to offer lifting solutions for everyone, the Verlinde range of manual chain blocks also offers a reliable hand lever hoist. The PLV is robust, light and easy to handle. It can lift loads ranging from 250 to 3 000kg at a maximum height of 1.5m (load dependent).
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