Acquisition Allows for Better Service Development

Technology company, Continental, recently acquired Advanced Imaging Technologies, known for its work on x-ray and magnetic imaging-based systems, used for early detection of damages in fabric and steel cord conveyor belts.
“With this acquisition, we added technical sensing knowledge and R&D competence to strengthen our capacity in the area of predictive maintenance. At the same time, it is a strategic cornerstone to enlarge our service capabilities in industries such as mining,” states ContiTech’s Hans-Jürgen Duensing.
Advanced Imaging Technologies (AIT) was founded in 2004 to provide scientific consulting services to South African industry and commerce, both in the private and public sectors. The company specialises in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to scientific and technical challenges experienced by large and small-scale industry and commerce.
Conveyor belts keep the globalized cycle of mining and industry moving. “If a belt system experiences an extended downtime, the entire production chain often collapses and intensive maintenance and repair work is often required,” explains Hannes Friederichsen, Head of Business Unit, Conveyor Belt Group.
AIT offers a wide variety of scientific and technical skills and expertise in the areas of image and signal processing, hardware and software development, advanced data analysis, x-ray imaging, embedded systems and system integration.

Predictive maintenance
Until now, technicians have had to inspect an individual conveyor belt while it is stationary, or running at a reduced operating speed. The advantage of permanently installed monitoring systems is that damages can be detected early, while the system is running, and be repaired in good time.
The technology developed for international bulk-handling markets uses innovative magnetic sensing automation, which has been validated by extensive x-ray imaging measurements. It provides continuous online condition monitoring of steel cord-reinforced conveyor belting, and reduces the risk of belt failure.
At the same time, it gives operators real-time web interactive access to review the damage locations, as well as their severity. In addition, these factors can be monitored over time, thereby enabling the capturing of historical data for comparative purposes.

Advanced Imaging Technologies
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