Motorised Hoist, Crane and Grab for Recycling

The installation of a motorised Verlinde Eurostyle VFM crane and grab has transformed the recycling process for the manufacturer of corrugated board at the Sical paper mill.
Sical is a paper and board manufacturer specialising in the production of corrugated board derived from diverse recycled materials collected from used paper recovery networks.
This material for processing is delivered in the form of heterogeneous bales that have to be opened and depolluted, which means that non-recyclable materials such as plastic or metal must be extracted.
The process of recycling starts with the de-stringing of bales that are then steeped in water in a pulverising tank, to reduce the fibre content. Gradually, the bales are added, the pulp is extracted by suction from the bottom of the tank through fine screens, while the waste remains suspended. When the volume of waste reaches approximately 1m3, the tank is drained.
In this way, Sical processes some 150 tonnes of recycled paper daily, which will then be used for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard.
Prior to the process change, the mill would regularly encounter problems with waste that accumulated at the bottom of the tank, which prevented draining. An operator then had to manually unclog the waste that accumulated at the bottom of the pulveriser. The operation presented problems of safety and frequent process downtime.
The installation of a jib crane, a hoist and a grab enhances the process while ensuring the safety of personnel.