Growing local manufacturing

As South Africa looks to revitalise its manufacturing sector in the ongoing quest to create jobs, it could take more than a few salutary lessons from home-grown Andrew Mentis, trading as Mentis Sales.
Now the leading supplier of steel grating on the African continent, Andrew Mentis started as a precision engineering works in 1950.
“Our recipe for success today continues to build on the philosophy of our founder, which includes specialised engineering expertise, innovation, high-quality products and constant investment in the latest technologies,” says Lance Quinlan, national technical sales consultant at Andrew Mentis.
The company’s unique Rectagrid grating, which it began manufacturing in 1967, remains the leading grating in South Africa, despite other manufacturers now replicating the design. As early as the 1970s, the company invested R1 million in specialised Austrian-built equipment
to achieve the quality it sought, giving the business the world’s most modern fusion-welding equipment for grating.
Andrew Mentis
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