A ‘Green Steel’ Alternative

Rio-Carb’s R-C700 long-life liner plate offers the benefit of significantly reduced greenhouse (GHG) emissions for its customers. This is because the liners, featuring a chromium carbide (CrC) overlay, outlast quenched and tempered products by a factor of eight. Therefore the carbon footprint of this ‘green steel’ is seven times smaller per application, translating into a significant 80% reduction.

“An indirect benefit due to its immediate and obvious carbon reduction is that transportation of all implied products is reduced by the same factor, thus saving significantly on indirect emissions,” comments Rio-Carb Design Engineer Roshalan Govender.

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Remote Operating Stations

A project in Germany will be the first to make use of Demag’s Remote Operating Stations (ROS), which enable the remote control of crane systems, most of which will largely operate in automatic mode.

Managing Director of Demag, South Africa, Emil Berning says, “This is a Demag milestone, where our innovative ROS is to be utilised in a brand-new European power plant project. I see many applications in energy and industrial sectors in South Africa benefiting from our new Demag technology, making specialised crane activities easier to manage.

“The ROS system is a new addition to our previous offering of two variants for the control of process cranes, and is brand new technology that enables the operator to control the crane from any convenient working environment”.

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Gear Oil and Grease

Some of the toughest maintenance challenges at manufacturing facilities are presented by large belt-driven conveyor systems. These critical assets require gear oil for their gearboxes, electric motor grease for the motors, and grease for multiple lubrication points – particularly bearings.

Improper lubrication and contamination can cause premature wear, or even worse, create unplanned downtime.

Recurring challenges include dirt, water, heavy loads, vibration and extreme temperatures, particularly in outdoor applications. Some of the common lubrication challenges that maintenance teams face in trying to keep conveyors properly lubricated are multiple lubrication points, long walking distances, and difficulties accessing some key machinery points.

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Pouch Conveyor Belts

Continental technology is being used in a flood prevention project in Machida, Tokyo. The city is building an underground catch basin that can hold up to 150 000 cubic metres of water to prevent the flooding of residential areas which are increasingly being built over rivers and streams.

Continental is supplying a special conveyor belt that can be used to transport the material from the excavation of the collecting basin safely, cleanly and quietly.

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Bag-Handling Robots

As trends change, so robots ‘adapt’ to bag-in-bag packaging where products supplied in large bags (typically 50kg) are now being packed into 2-tonne bulk bags instead of palletised onto wooden pallets.

Every industry has the three Ds (dirty, dull, and dangerous jobs) that no human wants to do, but these tasks still need to be completed. Thanks to the invention of robotics, though, there’s now the option to automate these functions, freeing up the workforce to focus on more challenging work that requires cognitive reasoning.

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Moon-Shot Programme To Decarbonise Shipping

Responding to the UN Secretary-General’s call for “urgency and ambition” on climate change, the entire global shipping industry is giving “full and unequivocal” backing to a moon-shot proposal submitted by governments, to catalyse the complete decarbonisation of maritime transport by deployment at scale of zero-carbon ships within a decade.

The proposal, submitted early March by governments controlling a major share of the world’s shipping tonnage to the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) is to establish a $5 billion USD “IMO Maritime Research Fund” using mandatory contributions from the world’s shipping companies.

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Ocean-Going Overhead Travelling Crane

Typical Condra double-girder electric overhead travelling crane, similar in arrangement to the seagoing crane, but with the motor drive delivered to steel wheels instead of rack-and-pinion.

Condra is to manufacture its first seagoing crane, an overhead maintenance machine with power-to-motion conversion achieved through rack-and-pinion instead of pure friction.

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Claims To Be A Game-Changer

Amarillo Gold Corporation has selected Metso Outotec’s modular FIT Station for its Posse Gold greenfield mining project in the state of Goiás in central Brazil. The new game-changing crushing and screening solution was introduced to the market in 2020, and Amarillo Gold will be the first site where it will be installed.

The cost-efficient FIT Station has been designed to bring significant savings of resources and time to mining operations.

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Staying Below the Critical Tyre Temperature

Before the tyre temperature of a Liebherr reachstacker approaches a critical level where tyre wear would increase excessively, the new Smart Tyre System automatically reduces the machine speed. As soon as the tyres return to a low temperature level, the power is increased again. This ensures maximum performance and protects the tyres from excessive wear.

When considering the life cycle costs of a reach stacker, the tyres play a significant role. It is also known that overheating of the tyre is one of the main reasons for premature tyre wear.

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Mines must continue to fight Covid-19

The mining industry’s early adoption of preventative measures and advanced tracing has most likely prevented the spread of Covid-19 tenfold and where outbreaks have occurred these measures have been largely successful in containing the spread.

“By its nature, the mining industry is geared towards safety and preparedness so the addition of certain levels of COVID-19 health and safety measures was far easier to implement than in less safety concerned environments. Yet still the industry has seen infections throughout the curve of the pandemic with a number of deaths occurring,” says Nico Pienaar, director of surface mining industry association ASPASA

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Load Turning with Maximum Safety

DISA Equipment has recently sold its 3 000th Doosan machine in South Africa to plant rental specialists, TKR Operations, in a joint venture with Medkoeriers, which provides material processing and handling services at Tharisa Minerals in Rustenburg, North West Province.

“Delivery of the Doosan DX520 excavator to the mine in October last year, marks the 3 000th Doosan machine to be sold locally and this machine is now hard at work for TKR Operations and Medkoeriers, along with other Doosan equipment,” says Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan, part of the Capital Equipment Group of Invicta Holdings Limited.

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