Voith recently unveiled its new TurboBelt 500 TPXL fluid coupling. The fill-controlled coupling combines the advantages of the hydrodynamic drive principle with intelligent control technology. The integrated controller makes it possible to adapt the output torque of the coupling exactly to the startup parameters of the belt conveyor system. The company’s engineers have been able to considerably reduce the dimensions of the new coupling, so that it only requires half the volume of conventional coupling types for the same force transmission.
Operation is simple and user-friendly. After the required torque for the belt and the basic startup parameters have been transmitted, the coupling automatically calculates the optimum fill level in real-time and fills or drains the working circuit accordingly. Equipped with a self-learning function, it stores all relevant operational data in order to align the control behaviour optionally with the nominal value, depending on the respective load situation and on the basis of previous empirical values.
As a self-contained system, the coupling can be easily put into operation without long interruptions in production. In order to allow for the integration into new, as well as existing drive trains, Voith offers a version with bearings on both sides for standalone use as well as a variant with bearings on the output side for direct motor connection.
Voith Turbo, Terry–Lynn McIntosh
Email: Terry.McIntosh@voith.com