A Century of Natural Latex

It is now a full century that mines and industry have been relying on Linatex rubber products from Weir Minerals to protect equipment from abrasion, impact and corrosion. “The remarkable qualities of natural rubber in a range of demanding mining and processing applications have made Linatex integral to our customers’ success over the past 100 […]

Tracking Multiple Components 

Transfer chute wear life measurement, an intricate process involving meticulous tracking of multiple components, is essential for enhancing uptime in materials handling applications, a direct contributor to operational efficiency.

Tackling Sticky Transfer Situations

Handling sticky material in mining and minerals processing plants can be a complex challenge. These materials can cause blockages, equipment wear and increased maintenance requirements, leading to reduced efficiency and increased operational costs.  This is according to Alwin Nienaber, Technical Director at Weba Chute Systems, who says that designing transfer points to effectively handle sticky […]

From the Chairman’s Desk

The very popular and informative Chute Seminar is coming up at the end of May.  This is a 3-day Seminar that includes lectures from Dusan Ilic of the University of Newcastle, Australia over the first two days and practical aspects addressed by Henk Brink on the third day. Candidates use their own laptops for the […]

Chute Design to Reduce Dust

Many industrial facilities, mines and power stations rely too much on dust suppression and extraction systems, when the real answer is to improve the flow of material through well-designed chutes. This is the opinion of Weba Chute Systems technical director Alwin Nienaber, based on decades of experience in this field.  His view is that 50% […]

Vibrating Pan Feeder Increases Production by 40%

Weir Minerals Africa installed a Trio EF3606 pan feeder at OMV’s Stilfontein crushing plant, increasing production by 40% and helping create a safer working environment. Their target was 1 300 tonnes per day, but the plant could only produce 1 000 tonnes per day. As Weir Minerals Africa has been working successfully with OMV for […]

A Decent-looking Order Book

“When the pandemic hit, it was like crashing into a brick wall,” says Mark Baller, Weba Chute Systems’ managing director. “Many mining projects that were in the pipeline were either cancelled or deferred and, like most other companies, we went through a very testing time. With the revival of the mining sector this situation has […]

Seldom Optimal on Start-up

“The role of transfer chutes in a plant is traditionally underestimated. Based on our decades of experience, a significant portion of plant downtime is generally attributable to transfer chutes, be it through blockages, spillage or high chute wear,” says Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems . “That’s why chutes should never be considered […]

A Barrage of Rocks

Faced with a challenge of large rocks in the run-of-mine (ROM) feed regularly damaging main support structures, chutes and grizzly feeder, a diamond mine in Botswana reached out to Weba Chute Systems to custom design an innovative solution to overcome this costly challenge, which included major safety hazards. According to Hilton Buys, regional manager at […]

What May Fail When

Measuring the wear life of a transfer chute is no simple matter, as many different components need to be tracked. However, the benefits of doing this add directly to the bottom line through improved uptime.