On Probuild Construction’s site of an upmarket apartment block in Sandton, a recent model Potain ‘flat-top’ MCT85F5 tower crane was erected with the help of another larger Potain tower crane.
The operation did not even require the temporary closure of lanes on the busy adjacent street, usually a necessary inconvenience for most crane erections when done in space-constrained areas like Sandton.
“The jib of the flat-top crane has the ability to be erected in 5 metre and 10 metre sections; it does not have to be lifted as one piece,” Louw Smit, sales manager at SA French says, “This made it possible for us to deliver the 45 metre jib in smaller segments, and assemble it ‘in the air’ using the taller Potain MD310B crane already on site.”
The day after the tower of the Potain MCT85F5 crane was erected on site, the jib was delivered in sections which were each lifted into position by the Potain MD310B crane and secured while the next section was being delivered.
Another advantage of the flat-top design is the absence of a jib tie, which allows it to operate within closer working distances above the jib. In this case, there is limited available space between the jib of the Potain MD310B tower crane and top of the new building when completed – making the MCT85F5 the ideal choice.
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