The Stema vessel berth was damaged as a result of an explosion and a fire late last year, which ceased vessel grain handling operations and severely affected the import/export capability of the terminal.
“Stema awarded a contract to BLT for the company to urgently design, fabricate and install a temporary conveyor to handle 250 T/hr of grain at the bulk grain handling facility in Matola, part of the Maputo port complex in Mozambique. This was a crucial project necessary for Stema to be able to continue its grain handling and stock holding services for Mozambique’s milling sector,” says Ken Mouritzen, managing director, BLT (Africa and Indian Ocean Islands).
“Our temporary bypass conveyor system consists of two conveyors, a link conveyor and a 160m rising belt. The project team also included BMG, responsible for the fabrication of frames and assembly of the system. GLB provided electrical switchgear.”
This temporary conveyor system bypasses the damaged conveyors, which are being refurbished under a different contract. Once the damaged conveyors are fully repaired and operational, the temporary conveyor will be utilised in another area of the grain terminal.
BLT, Ken Mouritzen
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