Manual and electrically-powered winches enable simple and effective lifting and pulling operations.

To complement their top-ranking hoists mounted on overhead cranes to raise and shift any loads from 63kg to 250t in three directions, steel wire manual and electric winches from Verlinde are intended for other lifting and pulling operations.

Indeed, for some applications, as load travel is necessary in one direction only, winches fully meet requirements. It should be noted that even if three wide complementary groups of winches enable the handling of loads from 150kg to 10 tonnes, the drum cable winding method is the same, whatever the model. Bolted to the floor, wall or ceiling or even mounted on a jib crane, the winch fully carries out its job of moving the load.

Owing to its lifting capacity and being electrically powered, the Verlinde TVI range is used mainly by industry. The large number of options enables the winch to fully achieve its assigned tasks and, among the numerous general features of TVI winches, are the 400 V three-phase power supply, motor brake IP55 protection, thermal circuit breaker, 350mm long steel wire drum winder or even the detachable keypad with emergency stop. Depending on the model, the maximum length of the traction cable can extend to 71m.

Single-phase electric winch
Owing to its single-phase power supply, the Verlinde MR compact winch has similar features to those of power tools. Designed for simple lifting and pulling tasks, it can easily replace a lever winch and it is also just as suitable for hauling trailers or towing boats as well as for lifting and lowering materials on a building site.

The MR1 version complies with IP44 and the MR2 with IP55. The motor brake 220V with a capacitor permanently connected, and the 2.5m long control box cable with its emergency stop, enable the operator to stand aside in order to improve both his view of the load and his handling of it. It should be noted that the cable’s tower position limit stop (as standard) is very easy to adjust and is extremely reliable.

Lever winch
In locations where an electric power supply is unavailable, the MT compact winch will facilitate the shifting of loads from 150 to 300kg. It is manufactured in composite materials and in aluminium. With the stainless steel finish option, it is ideal for environments such as the agri-food sector or for damp locations. The planetary gearbox (in closed housing) ensures only minimum effort is required by the operator.

The other strong points of the MT winch are the automatic brake, the pawl spring and the stainless steel pawls, and the declutchable drum without load associated with a cable winding fault prevention system. The crank, an essential component of this type of winch, is fitted with an easy-to-hold and ergonomic handle and is detachable.

Founded in 1858, this French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment, has a range of 30 groups of lifting equipment, designed for loads from 60 to 250 000kg.