Designing and building its own crushing and screening plants, Raubex company B&E International brings over four decades of experience in contract crushing to its mining sector offerings, which are tailor made for applications from small to large.
With most major mining firms already on its customer list, B&E International has also developed a solution for start-up miners who may need to conserve their cash-flow in the early days of operation.
“We can design, manufacture and commission a plant to client specifications, and then operate it on a ‘tonnage rate’ for an agreed period of time,” says B&E International managing director, Dewald Janse van Rensburg. “The customer pays for the amount of material processed, without having to pay for the equipment upfront.”
This arrangement typically builds the capital value of the plant into the rate-per-tonne, so that this rate ensures the throughput is delivered while the capital portion is steadily paid off.
“The advantage for the customer is that we carry some of the start-up cost, and they get the assurance that the plant will function effectively as a vital part of the production process,” he says. “Ownership of the plant then reverts to the mine after the capital is repaid through this toll fee; the customer can even decide to buy out the residual value of the plant at an earlier stage, if their cash-flow is good and they are confident of their own in-house expertise.”
B&E International, Dewald Janse van Rensburg, Tel: (011) 966-4312