Weba Chute Systems has supplied a total of 13 custom chute systems to a diamond mine in Botswana.
The chute systems, which will replace existing aging transfer points, have been designed taking all operational factors into account.
According to Werner Baller, founder and CEO of Weba Chute Systems, these transfer points are engineered for optimum material throughput as well as reliability. “The replacement chutes form part of an upgrade being done to the plant and will assist the operation to increase production,” he says.
“When designing the systems, our engineers placed emphasis on the longevity of the transfer points which are operating in harsh wet conditions,” Werner explains. All the chutes will be manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel.
Six of the chutes will be installed in the screening house where these transfer points will handle the oversize material at a rate of between 1 200 to
1 500tph. The undersize product reports via conveyor from the screening house to a 600t bin which feeds the DMS plant. This minus 30mm product is transferred at a rate of 600tph.
The final three chutes feed the tailings plant; two of which are split chutes allowing material to be fed either to the tailing plant or to a pilot plant on the mine. The third chute feeds only the tailings plant.
Weba Chute Systems, Mark Baller,
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