Far from merely acting as a means of separating and sizing materials, the effective use of screening technologies can contribute to the overall efficiency of a plant and can significantly improve return on investment in term of processing costs.

So says screening specialist, Dave Sibley of ELB Screening Technology Solutions, speaking during the announcement of the company’s signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the world’s leading suppliers of screening systems, Major Wire. The agreement adds to ELB’s already comprehensive offering and enables it to provide advanced screening and related systems from Major Wire.

“We established the company in order to provide specialist services using the latest high-tech approaches and products from the world’s best suppliers. With the addition of these new agencies we can bring technology to bear that will help us analyse and provide the right solutions for our customers’ screening requirements.

“While equipment has not changed dramatically for many years, technology has and is enabling us to accurately determine requirements both in terms of equipment and screen types. By applying solutions based on the results of these analysis and studies we should, in most cases, be able to reduce costs per ton of processing. “This will more than cover the cost premium of using technologically advanced products and improving ROI,” says Dave.

In addition to analytical systems and services available the product line-up includes vibratory equipment, wear and ceramic linings, as well as a full range of screens. “Our new pulse vibration analysis technology also allows us to test existing screens and find solutions to optimise processes, equipment and systems on behalf of customers,” Dave concludes.

ELB Screening Technology Solutions,

Dave Sibley, general manager, Tel: (011) 306 0819,

Email: daves@elbquip.co.za, www.elbequipment.com