When a leading UK injection-moulding shop was looking to expand its operational capabilities, the installation of a 12.5-tonne capacity Verlinde Eurobloc VT3 low-headroom electric wire-rope hoist served to boost lifting capacity in line with the company´s developing requirements.

The hoist is part of an overhead beam-crane system designed, manufactured and installed by Verlinde´s UK distributor, Pelloby.

The Eurobloc VT3 at Avalon is a low-headroom electric wire-rope hoist with 12.5-tonne capacity and 9m height of lift. It offers a two-speed hoisting motor (4 and 0.7m/min) with bi-metal sensors, as well as two traverse speeds (20 and 5m/min).

Featuring a total of 13 patents, the design includes a maintenance-free DC disc brake, four-position limit switch (up, down, high-position deceleration and reversed-phase protection), load limiter and handheld radio-controlled operation.

Among the challenges facing the installation team from Pelloby was the need to reinforce the existing gantry framework at Avalon to support the new single-girder crane. Alterations were required to ensure the stability of the structure and guarantee workplace safety. However, Pelloby was able to carry out these changes with minimal disruption by welding a reinforced plate to the underside of the gantry. The span of the new crane is 17m with 5.4m height of lift.

Verlinde, www.verlinde.com