In terms of versatile and adaptable access, nothing beats the crawler boom lift, which can cater for various ground conditions and workplace restrictions.
Goscor Access Rental has just acquired its first Mygale 23 crawler boom lift from ATN Platforms of France, one of the most advanced of its kind available on the market today.
The Mygale 23 adds to Goscor Access Rental’s existing fleet of Teupen crawler booms, which have seen great success locally, reports Sales Manager Marcus Gartside. Tracked crawler booms are also known as ‘spider lifts’, which is why ATN platforms named its first crawler after the Mygale, a large and powerful spider related to the North American tarantula or South American bird spider.
This unit has a 23m working height through a double articulated boom set-up, both of which are telescopic for compact stowage, without sacrificing maximum reach. For up and over capability, 11m horizontal outreach is achievable at a height of 11.25m, with no impact on its 230kg lift capacity.
Equipped with a powerful 12.5 kW Kubota engine, the Mygale 23 tackles slopes of up to 32% with ease. It can lift to full height in under a minute, and offers a full 360° rotation of booms and 180° of the basket for pinpoint positioning, all of this in a compact package weighing under 3.5t.
Safety features include load-and-tilt sensors, and automatic levelling via outriggers. In addition, the Mygale 23 offers a remote mobile control station, whereby the operator can drive the unit from outside the basket, restrictive ‘slewing’ (rotation) when in narrow outrigger mode, auxiliary emergency lowering from the platform and ground controls, and dual-speed controls.
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