Atlas Copco’s HM 1500 fixed hydraulic (hydro) magnet, fitted to a 22.5ton carrier, is efficiently and safely sorting and loading steel off-cuts at a steel mill in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga.
Following a successful tender, service contract specialist, Real Tree Trading, was contracted to remove steel off-cuts generated from the steel production process. “After being cut into various lengths, the steel I-beam off-cuts, weighing anything between 150 and 300kg, have to be heaped and loaded onto trucks for transportation to a steel works in Vanderbijl where they are resmelted and recycled back into the steel fabrication process,” explains Group Manager, Gert Ootshuizen.
“As this is the first time we’ve been involved in scrap cutting and removal, we needed a fast, efficient and safe bulk handling solution. An OEM referred us to Atlas Copco Power Technique distributor, Riviera Hire, for a solution.” Atlas Copco and Riviera demonstrated the hydro magnet and impressed with the product’s performance.
The Atlas Copco hydro magnet is available in two models, the HM 1500 (1.5t) and the HM 2500 (2.5t). With respective lifting capacities of 2.6 tons and 3.5 tons and available as fixed or movable units, the high quality, rugged magnets are ideal for sorting, cleaning and loading applications.
Unlike a power magnet, the hydro magnet, fitted with a 13kW generator, is attached to the carrier with just the normal hammer line hydraulic installation. The elimination of powerlines ensures a safer working environment and speeds up installation. This plug-and-play solution ensures that the end-user is up and running in no time which is good for productivity.
Incorporating German technology and with operating pressures of between 120 and 350 bar, the high quality hydro magnet delivers faster and safer load cycles presenting a total lowest cost of ownership solution to end-users.
Atlas Copco,