All-round Tower Crane Service

There is a new player in Africa’s sub-Saharan market for lifting solutions, as experienced experts join forces in Crane & Hoist Equipment SA to offer a range of tower crane sourcing, refurbishment, sales and site management services.
The company enters the market just in time for a long awaited recovery in the construction sector, when contractors will be looking to secure quality, reliable lifting equipment at an affordable cost.
“Our team has many years of experience in this industry and we know how important it is for lifting equipment to be fit-for-purpose,” says Crane & Hoist Equipment SA Sales Director, Louw Smit.
The company leverages its extensive supply networks locally and abroad to source used cranes, but also has close links with original equipment suppliers to provide brand new units where required.
“The past few years have been marked by tough trading conditions, so many contractors are opting for refurbished tower cranes at this stage,” explains Managing Director, Brenden Crous. “We have strong technical capacity to assess the condition of used cranes, to manage their repair and refurbishment, and to advise customers on the most cost effective ways of getting the most from their equipment.”

Project specific solutions
Brenden also emphasises the company’s expertise in helping customers to plan and implement lifting solutions for specific projects; working with contractors in the early days of a project can allow for the optimal rental or purchase strategy to be developed.
Operations Director, Danie Roos, highlights the company’s technical capacity to optimise the value, compliance and safe operation of tower cranes through the company’s Tower Crane Management System. By carefully and systematically tracking, recording and planning the maintenance activities for a crane fleet, customers reduce their on-site risk and maintain the value of their assets.
The team’s full project capability is enhanced by its extensive experience in cross-border work, where they are familiar with the challenging logistics and other hurdles involved in working in various parts of Africa. Its in-depth expertise gives Crane & Hoist Equipment SA the flexibility to collaborate with customers at a strategic level or in a more hands-on way, depending on the needs of the project at hand, concludes Brenden.

Crane & Hoist Equipment SA,