New Machines for Coal Facility

Two Redler chain elevators ordered from equipment supplier, Takraf Africa, by the Willowton Group in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, brings the number of machines supplied to this plant to more than 40, in a business relationship stretching back some four decades.
In addition, the supplier has provided more than 100 Redler machines to Willowton Group in Isando. The machines include both Redler en-masse chain conveyors and chain elevators.
The latest two elevators replace existing machinery at the coal intake facility, which feed the boiler house. The new machines are almost identical, except for drive modifications, as the original gearboxes are no longer available. Machines are today manufactured from laser cut plates, which eliminates boilermaker tolerances and ensures a perfect site fit.
The Redler Chain Elevators are 10.7m and 5.2m in horizontal length, with a vertical height of 19.6m and 11.4m, respectively. Their conveying capacity is 15tph of coal.
Redler machines convey a wide range of solids, including coal, wood chips, sand, lime, cement, fly-ash, sunflower seeds, maize, wheat, flour, grain and many more. These low maintenance systems ensure minimal product degradation, while the dust tight casings protect the conveyed material and the environment from mutual contamination.

Tenova Takraf
Willowton Group