Quadruples lifting capacity

Demag has developed a new Double v-girder crane capable of a 50T lifting capacity
The double-girder overhead travelling cranes offer exceptional load capacity for a low deadweight. Their outstanding crane geometry also provides for extremely good travel characteristics, which minimises wear on the end carriages and crane runway.
The load hook can be raised between the two crane girders, which allows for large lifting heights to be achieved. The crane offers high long and cross-travel speeds thanks to thehigh-performance double-girder design. The girders can be adapted to building structure requirements and has minimum approach dimensions thanks to the compact travelling hoist design.

Significantly improved efficiency
“Since the launch of the V-girder in 2016, 60% of all our single girder cranes produced locally are now V-girders”, says Richard Roughly, Senior Manager: Sales & Marketing at Demag South Africa. “They have revolutionised load handling”.
Their innovative design featuring tapered diaphragm joints reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, cuts its weight by an average of 17% and doubles its service life to as many as 500 000 changes of load.
The V-girder has significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.

The revolutionary design enables sensitive loads to be positioned more precisely, carefully and also speeds up the process. It allows for particularly precise and careful positioning of sensitive and heavy loads.It improves efficiency and simplifies installation thanks to more lifting points. From a safety point of view, the V-girder’s surface area exposed to wind is reduced by up to 55%. It also offers a much improved view for the operator.
“Our eco-friendly utilisation of resources is reflected by the use of less material, reduced drive output requirements, blast cleaning of metal parts with dry ice and the use of water-based paints,” Richard concludes. “The possibility of energy recovery completes the concept.
“These are just a few of the revolutionary features the V-girder crane offers”.
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