BELT monitoring systems

The world’s largest single coal terminal, the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) has implemented ContiTech’s conveyor belt monitoring systems for the steel cord belts in its conveyor network. These systems include both rip detection and steel cord monitoring solutions. The final stage of the three-stage installation was completed in 2017.
The critical function of these systems isn’t only underlined by the importance of the conveyor belts in the overall coal transfer network; the sizes (1 800 and 2 200mm wide) and high travel speed (6m/sec) of the belts mean that any damage can quickly escalate into a failure.
Stopping the belts as soon as damage is detected is critical in limiting the extent of that damage, and, thus, plays an important role in reducing overall belt downtime as well as the capital and labour costs of replacing belt sections.
Conti CordProtect utilises sensor arrays on the flat return section of a steel cord belt to continuously monitor the steel cord integrity and splice quality of the belts, enabling operators to identify and assess the risk of transverse tears.
The CordProtect system also has an intelligent stop-on-demand function that allows operators to halt the belt at a specific position and carry out more effective maintenance.
This system provides continuous rip detection of steel cord and textile belts. It uses RFID chips that pinpoint sensor loops embedded in the belt to identify rips and tears in real time.

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