Comprehensive Portfolio

BMG’s comprehensive portfolio of Nord-Lock bolt securing products, includes robust wheel nuts, designed to safely secure wheel joints on both on-road and heavy-duty vehicles, even under severe conditions.
“Safe wheel assemblies rely on a high clamp load. Loss of clamp load, leads to movement between the clamped parts in the joint, causing rotation and loosening of the wheel nut. This results in unbalanced wheels and wheel detachments, which is dangerous and costly,” says Maryna Werner, business unit manager, Fasteners, BMG.
“Conventional wheel nuts lack a locking function and can therefore rotate loose, especially on poor roads and also a result of high vehicle speed. Wheel detachment is also caused by inadequate tightening techniques and joint relaxation as well as thermal expansion and contraction of wheel bolts.
“The Nord-Lock wheel nut, which uses tension instead of friction to secure bolted joints, offers a reliable solution to wheel nut loosening. This system does not rotate loose and safely secures the wheel joints on roads and harsh off-road operating conditions.
“This reliable system not only prevents accidents, personal injury and property damage, it avoids unnecessary costs resulting from unbalanced wheels, increased tyre wear and spare parts replacement,” she concludes.

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