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ELB Equipment is aggressively gearing its excavator offering to meet an anticipated demand upsurge as the economy turns upwards.
“Excavators are at the heart of any construction or mining operation and their availability is pivotal to getting projects off the ground. For this reason, we have brought in extra units, especially 21-tonners, as they are the most commonly used excavators in South Africa.
“We have also tagged them at competitive prices along with extras and extended-hour warranties to help ensure the success of these new projects,” says local distributor ELB Equipment’s Rhett O’Neill.
“Made in Japan, Sumitomo excavators are known to be among the fastest-working and economical excavators that are purpose-built for 24-hour production type operations. Tougher and more durable than the average excavator they are able to boost new contracts and help kickstart the economy.”
They are also easier to maintain and operate for extended periods of time on site with less maintenance required.
Another characteristic that endears Sumitomo excavator to the local market is its low diesel consumption that ranks among the lowest in its class.
It has three modes of operation namely: speed priority, heavy, and an auto option, which gives operators the ability to choose the mode best suited to the kind of operation encountered. Diesel consumption can be reduced by as much as 20% when working in mixed terrain.

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