Purely Electrical Portal Crane

The new LPS 420 E is the latest extension of the Liebherr mobile harbour crane product range. This newly-designed machine is a purely electric-driven portal crane. All crane movements such as luffing, hoisting, slewing and travelling are carried out by electric motors.
In common with the rest of the LHM series, it is characterised by high modularity. Therefore, it is a universal all-rounder and a key asset for handling every type of cargo, from containers to bulk, general cargo and heavy lifts up to 124t. The machine is designed for ports and terminals with an electrical infrastructure.
Equipped with two winches, each with a powerful 190 kW electric motor, the LPS 420 E provides a maximum load capacity of up to 124 tonnes. Therefore, the portal crane can be perfectly used for heavy break bulk as well as project and general cargo.

Bulk handling
With a turnover of up to 1 200 tonnes per hour, this new crane exceeds the average turnover of comparable electric-driven cranes in the market. Given the maximum outreach of up to 48 metres, ships up to Panamax class can be served.
The main components of the E-drive are liquid cooled and the heat is dissipated by heat exchangers. The fully closed liquid cooling system, in combination with the heat exchanger, is installed on top of the slewing platform. Therefore no overpressure unit is necessary to prevent dust from coming inside the machinery house, which is a big benefit for cranes working in a dusty environment.

Container handling
Productivity is a decisive factor in modern container handling. The LPS 420 E is an ideal solution for terminals where every container counts. With up to 30 cycles per hour, the LPS 420 E is the perfect solution when it comes to container handling performance.
The operator of this new crane can rely on very dynamic electric motors. Furthermore, the low moment of inertia ensures a fast response of the motor for precise drive characteristics. Due to the high motor speed spread, no gear shifting between normal and heavy load is required. This allows for uninterruptible power transmission from maximum load to maximum speed.
Another welcome side effect is that the noise emission of the planetary gear box is low.

Latest Technology
The LPS 420 E is especially optimised for terminals with a power supply ranging from 380V to 460V. Thanks to the active-front-end frequency converter, deviations in the voltage supply can be compensated for easily making for a safe and stable operation. Due to limited space and harsh environmental conditions, a liquid-cooled and highly efficient multi-drive frequency converter system was implemented.
The frequency converters are Liebherr built components, which have proven themselves in their ship-to-shore gantry cranes and material handlers. As an additional benefit, energy storage units can be used to reduce the peak-load in the crane main power supply and to take advantage of regenerative energy within the system.
The compact unit ensures a high power storage capacity, which enables the accumulation and supply of 200kW of power within 15 seconds.

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH