Proximity Detection Systems

“The company’s latest patented tri-technology PDS solutions which range from a simple, low-cost single technology system, to integrated multi-technological solutions, encompass all aspects of the most advanced mining communications and technology,” states Andrew Trentelman, senior general manager: Electronics, Becker Mining South Africa.
“Our patented tri-technology point of detection system is the only system available globally that combines three technologies: UHF, Radar and Electromagnetic, into one scalable system.”
Bi-directional notification and early warning messaging alerts vehicle operators and personnel to the presence of each other and to stationary or moving vehicles in close proximity, enhancing safety in arduous conditions.
Alert mechanisms
The latest PDS controller, which is the interface between the vehicle operator and multiple detection sensors mounted around the vehicle, provides various alert mechanisms for operators. These include cabin lighting and alert tones which are selected to suit exact requirements.
This system consists of a customisable caution zone, warning zone and critical zone. Detection zone threshold distances are set according to specific requirements, covering small and large vehicles.
The company’s advanced solutions prevent electromagnetic interference, by transmitting data packets across the generated H field. Data received is recognised as a system tag and not an environmentally generated signal that could cause unnecessary warnings.
The tri-technology tag, which supports accident investigation and multi mode operation, is compatible with Becker’s tagging systems and communications networks. This tri-axis electromagnetic receiver ensures reliable detection by the system, regardless of the tag or miners’ position.
Vehicle tags are self-powered RF devices that ensure the presence of a vehicle continues to be broadcast, even if the ignition has been turned off or the battery has been isolated. Control tags transmit specific commands to PDS controllers and miner tags, also providing alerts when entering a restricted or hazardous area.
Immediate warning
Advanced self-diagnostic functionality provides continuous monitoring of all peripherals connected to the system, to ensure equipment is functioning correctly. The operator is immediately warned if a device stops responding to the PDS controller.
High performance, fit for purpose solutions for underground and surface mining installations include Leaky Feeder, Wi-Fi, tagging and tracking, as well as environmental monitoring PDS solutions.
In addition to communications solutions, the company offers IS and flameproof underground electrical reticulation products, as well as fluid transfer, rigging and rope attachment systems. An important feature of these systems is they are designed to facilitate future upgrades.

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