Series Hoist Unit

Fitted with four load hooks, the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist allows different load handling attachments to be lifted and transported at the same time. The available LDC-Q sizes enable loads weighing up to 3.2 t to be handled safely and efficiently.
Equipped with four load hooks, LDC-Q units can handle and transport customer-specific load handling attachments or flat components and feed materials to the relevant workstations.
The basis for this broad range of applications is the technology offered by the LDC-D double chain hoist and some dedicated characteristics. For example, these include a design that combines two double chain hoists which have only one drive, which is a special technical feature.
This means that only one chain hoist motor transfers power to the other three chain lead-offs of the Demag LDC-Q quadro unit via corresponding connections. Mechanically synchronised hook lead-offs provide for uniform and precise load handling. This arrangement enables loads with an asymmetrical weight distribution up to a ratio of 70:30 to be picked up without any problems.
ProHub integrated variable speed control, which is a feature unique to Demag chain hoists, also permits rated speeds of up to 90% higher in the partial load range.Operators can utilise sizes DC 10 and DC 25 for handling loads weighing up to 3.2 t.
The Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist offers benefits for safe and efficient lifting. Operation of the control unit with low voltage (24 V contactor control) as well as smooth starting and braking for low load sway are also significant factors. Further safety-related functions satisfy at least Performance Level c and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1.
Apart from safety, service is of major importance. The generously dimensioned slipping clutch and gearbox, which is maintenance-free for up to 10 years, as well as fast and simple maintenance of individual components thanks to its modular design, help to make the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist easy to service. These are all important aspects that minimise downtimes and extend the unit’s service life for improved productivity.
For control of the Demag LDC-Q quadro chain hoist, operators also benefit from DSC/DSE control pendants with their low-fatigue actuation force for improved ergonomics. To meet specific ergonomics needs, operators can choose between radio controls or cable-connected control pendants that can be integrated into stationary control units.
And ultimately, 2D and 3D geometry models in the Demag Designer tool give owners the opportunity to view a potential solution and its precise arrangement in their existing building and machinery infrastructure already at the pre-planning stage.