Addressing material transfer problems

Material transfer problems can be addressed easily by considering basic chute specifications, but this necessitates a thorough knowledge of transfer point design as well as the ability to determine best practice for a specific application.
In addition, says Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, it is necessary to be able to custom engineer each design to ensure that it is fit-for-purpose.
Founded on the principle of engineering custom designed chutes, this is exactly what Weba Chute System does. “Numerous successful installations of our systems have proved that the correct application of our scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling can completely eliminate the problems associated with conventional transfer chutes, resulting in significant cost savings,” adds Mark.
To date, the company has engineered more than 4 000 transfer chutes, which are operating successfully throughout the global mining industry. “We consider a holistic design that not only focuses on the entry and exit points, but which also incorporates the control of the flow, volume and velocity of the material being transferred at all times,” he concludes.
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