Smart Solutions for Processing

Engineered mining solutions provider, Tega Industries, has developed an array of products to prolong the life of equipment and lengthen the period between service intervals of machines.

One of the smartest breakthroughs from the company recently is its new Rapido two-part screen panel which effectively gives minerals processors the ability to replace working screen surfaces quickly and easily without having to replace the entire base plate construction. This makes the top screening surface a disposable item that is far quicker and easier to replace.

Says Vishal Gautam, Tega Industries sales and marketing manager, “The Rapido makes the replacement of a screen panel simple. Once it has worn to the cut point, the only screening surface is removed and replaced.

Close collaboration
“Solutions like these are developed in collaboration with our customers worldwide and are in response to real requirements of the industry. In this instance, we wanted to produce a panel that has the ability to withstand wear for prolonged periods of time but is more cost effective and easier to replace.”

He adds that the Rapido therefore ticks all the requirements, being as reliable as any screen in the market today yet more cost effective with less downtime when compared with traditional screen panels.

The company’s collaborative approach has earned it the trust of more than 700 clients in the mineral processing and materials handling industry across the globe. It has more than 600 screen applications in mining, mineral processing, steel plants, cement plants and aggregate industries and is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of screens.

Lasting liners
In addition to its market leadership in the provision of screen services, Tega Industries is also a market leader in the provision of mill liners and services. The company has more than 500 grinding mills in 68 countries lined in SAG, AG, ball, primary and secondary milling applications lined with either rubber or rubber metal composite liners.

“One of the most impressive product ranges we have is our Combi-Liners for tough grinding applications in large diameter SAG and FAG mills. We developed this liner in response to the need for a liner system that is as durable as conventional steel liners and as resilient as rubber liners. It also needed to be able to withstand high energy impact with a high degree of resilience,” adds Vishal.

 – Super-fast replacement and 50% less downtime as panels need not be aligned (bottom part already aligned)

 – Flexibility to easily change the aperture size because of operational requirement
 – Environmentally friendly as a result of the reduction in industrial waste thereby reducing carbon footprint.
 – Overall lower cost per tonne.

The Combi-Liner therefore combines the properties of steel and rubber to produce a solution that is lighter and easier to install while providing a longer service life. Not surprisingly, the company has already landed its first order in South Africa, for a mine ball mill of 7.92m x 12.7m which is required to process 1100TPH.

Engineered solution
“The benefits are easy to see. Our liners have the ability to provide any profile with the desired face angle depending on the operational requirement of the mill. The weight of the lining system is also less than that of the complete steel liners. Hence the GD2 value of the mill with respect to motor will be lower.

“As a result, smaller size fasteners can be used compared with metal liners and the number of lifts is irrespective of the number of fastening rows in the shell. This is a unique feature which makes this suitable for any type of retro fitment.

“Engineers will also appreciate that the metal wear rate is much lower in this type of liner due to the resilience of the total system provided by the backup rubber against impact and attrition motion of the charge as well as the electro chemical effect which is also minimised due to the presence of the backing rubber which acts as an electrical discontinuity.

“In fact, as this liner wears out, it becomes more stable in terms of distribution of metal and rubber. Hence, the degree of resilience increases which makes the load intensity gradually lower and the wear rate decreases up to some level of metal thickness, beyond which, the wear rate again increases. This unique phenomenon makes the wear life of this liner significantly higher than the other liners as the force is less and the fastener sizes are smaller, compared with the metal,” concludes Vishal.

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