Over 2 000 rope access points installed

Riggers Steeplejacks specialises in permanently installed systems, commonly known as building maintenance units (BMUs).

The company’s systems are designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained in compliance with a number of industry codes and regulations, namely SANS 51808, SANS 50795, SANS

1903, SANS 10295, Driven Machinery Regulations DMR 18, and Construction Regulations 2014.

Riggers Steeplejacks Project Director, Hentie Wessels, says that the company has to date installed over 2 000 anchor points for rope access suspension using the fischer M12 express anchor, which can hold up to 1.2t. “Our engineer specified the fisher brand due to its strength and ease of installation. We also use fischer M10, M12, M16 and M20 anchors extensively on the brackets of our units.”

In addition the company uses the Milwaukee M18 CHPX cordless hammer drill, which delivers up to 4.5 joules of blow energy, and which can drill up to 28mm in concrete and 13mm in steel for safe and speedy installations.

The Stabila LD 520 laser distance measurer is used to determine heights. “This tool is also great in determining rope lengths and for general measurement purposes,” says Hentie. The Stabila LD 520 enables precision measurements up to 200m, both indoors and outdoors.


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