Separating materials

FLSmidth has launched re-engineered trommel chassis and associated screen media package. The new trommel designs have been engineered using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design calculations to ensure they are structurally sound and will offer excellent service life.

The re-engineered trommel frames use a modular design and standardised construction principles that produces a frame with less mass while maintaining maximum structural integrity. The new design employs screen media that is custom designed to be easy and safe to install and service.

They have been engineered and checked from top to bottom using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design calculations throughout the design process. The screening media weigh less than 25kg each and are fitted to the trommel using friction grip rails that use no extra parts like bolts or pins. This means panel fitting and maintenance activities can be carried out quickly and safely using simple tools, reducing the time it takes to perform routine maintenance activities.

Discrete Element Analysis (DEM) software is available to customers through FLSmidth. This simulates the operation of the trommel and allows an analysis of pulp flow through the trommel. Engineers can advise on how to optimise pulp flow through the trommel to improve both throughput and wear life of the screens.

The trommel chassis are largely pre-engineered but can still be custom made to suit specific requirements.

Global sourcing plans are already in place and, in combination with the modular features incorporated in the new designs, mean trommel chassis can be fabricated closer to customer sites, providing faster delivery.

FLSmidth, William Leahy