A logical merger

Konecranes and Demag have recently merged into one legal entity under the new name of Konecranes and Demag.

Following Konecranes’ acquisition of Demag worldwide just over two years
ago, South Africa was at the forefront of merging the head offices as well as
the eleven branches around the country.

The merger of the two global crane companies brings together considerable technical expertise and a wealth of experience going back centuries.

“We have been working locally on simplifying the corporate structures of
both businesses in an effort to align our brands and product labelling, aswell as streamline our efforts and operations,” says Emil Berning, MD of Konecranes and Demag.

Konecranes and Demag
Emil Berning
Tel: (011) 898 3500
Email: infoza@konecranes.co.za.