IIoT to boost conveyor belt sales

The belt scale market is likely to be valued at approximately US$ 970 million this year, witnessing a growth,of over 3%. The steady growth
in the will be driven by a combination of macroeconomic
and industry specific factors, including growing demand for bulk material handling for increased production.

A study has revealed that this market growth will be upheld by
advancements in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is enabling end-users to efficiently manage conveyor belt scale systems.

Integration of sensors in conveyor systems is allowing end-user industries to remotely monitor the functioning of different parts of conveyor belt scales systems. In addition, IIoT technologies are aiding companies across
different industries in collecting valuable data which can be leveraged to predict maintenance requirements and evaluate production flows and rates.

The study further shows that quick and efficient identification of defective parts in belt scale systems is aiding end-user industries in substantially reducing downtime. Leveraging its capabilities, companies are monitoring real-time data to optimise production and manufacturing processes.

Additionally, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimisation are helping companies reduce dependency on manual labour and save on overhead costs.

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