Rope access used for maintenance

When a major petrochemical producer in Mpumalanga recently had to carry out routine maintenance on a 30-mhigh chemical reactor, it opted for rope access for speedy ingress, as opposed to the traditional method of erecting an external scaffolding structure to allow access to the top
of the building.
Due to the fact that the components of the chemical reactor are large and bulky, cranage is required to remove anything during repair work that needs to be replaced. “Our speciality is that, at short notice, we can go to site with a small rope-access team to open up sections of the roof.
This allows for a mobile crane to be rigged and ready in order to be able to lift any components that need repairs or replacement up through the roof,” Skyriders marketing manager Mike Zinn comments.
Not only is health and safety improved for the client, but Skyriders’ rapid response allows for major time and cost savings as well.
Mike Zinn
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