Partnerships in Practice – More Action than Slogan

Situated east of Johannesburg is a 45 000m2 facility that
houses Tega Industries Africa.

“Bulk Handling Today” caught up with Tega Industries’ senior manager, Vishal Gautam.
The company, well known for its mill liners, has met the innovation and cost cutting challenge businesses face with its unique approach to sales, service and product embodied in their slogan ‘Partnerships in practice’.
The name Tega Industries came to SA in 2006 and their focus is on working with customers for better business outcomes.
“We are looking for a solution but it’s more than that. Our
branding used to be total solutions, now it is ‘Partnerships
in practice’. On a day-to-day basis we align our goals with
that of the industry and get into partnerships with our
customers,” Vishal says.
“We are looking to reduce our customers’ Dollar or Rand cost
per unit, which is important in an industry where commodity prices have, in the main, fallen.”
Copper for example was US$4.54 a pound in February 2011, as of October
2019 it is down to US$2.56 a pound.
How Tega reduces clients’ operating costs can be seen in their service solutions and investments into new products.
Efficiency gains
Two recent product developments are the combi liners and improved chute efficiency.
Tega’s Rubber Metal Combi Liner are designed and manufactured, depending on the impact and abrasion and the resistance property needed for the application.
Vishal says that the combi liners have given the company a completely new product line.
“We can now cater to markets we weren’t able to reach in the past, and we are getting a lot more queries from the mining industry.”
A re-think
He says the company is also working with customers to make chutes more efficient. They are achieving this by re-thinking chute linings.
“When plants are commissioned, chutes and conveyors are designed and built for certain operating parameters. However, as the plant begins operations those parameters often change. Sometimes ores change, there is plant capacity wear and tear, or achange in the environment. So over time
he explains “A chute is not a core function of a plant. It basically just helps transport material from one place to another. But if it clogs or blocks it can stop an entire plant.”
Vishal details their approach to solving the problem, “In the past one standard lining for the entire chute would be supplied, which is wrong because every part of the chute has it own usages. We create separate linings for the different parts of the chute such as thicker rubber linings for the top where there is more impact.
The company is currently redoing a chute for a large customer in the mining industry that should see the lifespan of the chute extended from around six weeks to six months.
Diversifying through new products
Although known for their work in the mining industry, Vishal says the company is diversifying and has done work in other industries such as
cement and power.
“Our products are also sold in different areas such as ports. They haven’t all been our focus in the past, but we have a lot of good references, and the
capability and space to develop and manufacture high quality products.”
With an emphasis on quality, Vishal tells us, “In the early days we offered fabricated tools, which were cheap but lasted six months. Now we are
investing in tools as a division and moulding our tools. They are more expensive but they have a longer life span,” Vishal says.
The improvements are aided by the company’s global expertise. Tega
has a worldwide presence with manufacturing facilities in South Arica, Australia, Chile and India.
“We exchange ideas on platforms in the company so I can tap into knowledge in Canada or Europe or Argentina to solve a problem we may have in South Africa.”
Customer retention
“South Africa is not without challenges,” Vishal says. “But you have to make a plan to get past those challenges. One thing I honestly believe is that if you are really honest with a customer and give them a good quality product with unmatched service and a good response times, you can retain the business for many years.”
In his typical down-to-earth approach, Vishal is aware this may not mean a customer for life.
“But the chances are good that you’re going to retain your clients,” he concludes.
Tega Industries, Vishal Gautam
Tel: (011) 421-9916