Boosting Productivity

Special Sany coal-handling buckets boost productivity at Kusile Mining

The addition of special coal-handling buckets to the three Sany SYL956 front-end loaders acquired by Kusile Mining from Goscor Earth Moving has improved productivity at the company’s two opencast mines. Kusile Mining is part of African Coal Trading (ACT).
Kusile Mining operates Uitspan Colliery just outside Emalahleni, and Noodhulp Colliery close to Eskom’s Hendrina power station. Uitspan Colliery supplies its run-of-mine material to Puleng, while Noodhulp Colliery supplies Woestleen. The two processing plants have a combined throughput of about 220 000tph.
Finance offered
Two of the three SYL956H loaders have been deployed at Puleng, while the third works at Woestleen. Brad Freeman, sales consultant for both brands under GEM explains that, having previously used rented front-end loaders, Kusile Mining recently decided to purchase its own equipment outright due to assistance from Goscor Finance.
Less work with bigger buckets
The front-end loaders had to be supplied with special 4.6 m3 coal buckets, as opposed to the standard 3.2m3 buckets. Mine Manager Dries van der Vlies, explains that the bigger bucket loads a typical 15m3 tipper in three loads, compared with six or more with a standard bucket.
The relative density (RD) of coal is light at 1.2 compared with other materials like sand at 2.7. “We took into account the lifting capacity of the wheel loader, the weight and dimensions of the bucket, and the specific weight of the material being handled,” adds ACT Group Engineer, Hendrik Pieterse.
This made it possible to equip the 5 ton SYL956H front-end loaders, with an operating weight of 17 100 kg, with the larger buckets, to allow for quick and precise loading, resulting in faster cycle times. It not only increases productivity, but reduces fuel consumption significantly.
Debby Marx
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