Drive and automation specialist SEW-Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd, is a leading conveying and materials handling solutions provider for a range of industries, supplying Industrial Geared (IG) units for bulk handling applications.
Its range of robust X Series helical and helical-bevel gear units can be optimally adjusted to the task, due to finely-stepped torque ratings. The universal modular system concept sets new standards with respect to availability and options.

The IG units are highly reliable in driving conveyor belts and bucket elevators for horizontal and vertical transportation of materials. They also run the travel and hoist drive on cranes.

The X Series is an invertible gearbox, so it can be used for left- and right-handed applications. The gearbox can be flipped on its axis by 180°. It features some of the best thermal ratings and characteristics in the market, as the high local ambient temperatures are critical in IG unit applications.

Customers benefit from the fact that they can obtain the complete and fully assembled drive package from a single source, while a large local stockholding allows for shorter delivery times and increased flexibility.
From project planning to commissioning and operation, SEW-Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd, can ensure the lowest total cost of ownership. As a leading local manufacturer of IG units, it knows its clients’ industries and their associated processes. It ensures that the correct drive technology is supplied for its clients’ conveying systems. Its high-torque IG units impress in every environment, even under difficult conditions.

Generation X.e represents the latest iteration of the highly-successful X Series of IG units, which has gained significant traction globally in industries as diverse as mining, cement and sugar mills, and power generation.

The specific client requirements addressed by the new series are maximum drive utilisation, in the event of continuous operation under specified conditions; peak load, in the case of an irregular travel profile, frequent start-up, or occasional blocking; temperature and environmental factors such as the permissible surface temperature, degree of protection, permissible noise level, accessibility, and serviceability; minimum service
life; and extended service intervals.

Such is the quality of the new Generation X.e series that it is particularly suited to harsh operating environments such as mining and general industry. Here an increased thermal saving of 32% has been achieved mainly by reducing the periods between oil changes. Other advances include an improved bevel pinion housing, optimised bearing preload, a non-contact sealing system, a universal cover with a fan system, and optimised gearing topology.