The Potain Hup 40-30 self-erecting crane boasts a range of innovative design and technology features which, according to Louw Smit, sales director at Crane & Hoist Equipment SA, will enable greater versatility on construction and other project sites.
“One of the major advantages of the Potain Hup 40-30 unit is that, with its 40 metre jib, it offers different configurations making it unique to this category of self-erecting cranes,” Louw explains. “The crane can easily be adapted for a range of job site applications increasing efficiency and versatility.”
The crane has a maximum capacity of 4t, can lift 1t at its jib end of 40 metre and features a telescopic mast for a range of working heights. This design boosts the height under hook attainable by the crane to 25.6 metres in its “low position,” and 30 metres when extended to its greatest height. The logistics are also improved, as no extra mast is required to install the crane.
Further versatility is delivered with the crane’s luffing jib that offers three positions: horizontal, 10° and 20°. These options give the crane a height under hook range of 20 to 40 metres.
Louw explains that shortening or extending the jib is a swift and straightforward operation, with the Hup 40-30 offering convenient configurations for both short and long jib lengths.

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