Dymot Engineering

Dymot Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of a full range of winches and winching equipment for a variety of winching applications.

Dymot’s main area of expertise is winches for conveyor tensioning applications.
The company automatic take-up systems are widely used in the mining industry and involve using electric winches, strain gauges and programmable electronic controllers to control the startup and running tensions on any conveyor.
These systems are extensively used underground where the conventional gravity tensioning systems are difficult to accommodate.
The safety hand winch range employs an automatic clamping and ratchet type brake that is never disengaged thus ensuring complete safety when raising or lowering a load. These winches are extensively used on gravity counter weight tensioning systems for conveyors.
Dymot Engineering prides itself on being a frontrunner in winching by constantly adapting to the latest technologies available on the market.
This is evident in the newest developments on offer with their plant manoeuvring winches. These winches, complete with the swivel sheaves, are specially designed and developed for accurate positioning of plants or barges. They are extensively used in the mineral separation mining industry.
Modern mining has created a demand to handle longer and wider belts. Dymot offers heavy duty conveyor belt reelers that can handle narrow to
wide belts. These reelers can be handled with one unit that is adjustable for various belts widths. This a great advantage as one unit can service most
conveyors on site.
These modern high speed, large capacity, long length conveyors have also created a need for an alternative to gravity take up systems for tensioning.
The company offers an electronic tension control system specifically for this purpose, with a variable frequency drive which offers multiple
advantages. The selection of conveyor tensioning devices is critical to daily operation and the life of a conveyor system.
We have also recently built one of the biggest braked capstans, to date, in the world. This was as per client specifications and was a double bullwheeldouble idler braked capstan with a brake capacity of 60 tons.
Other areas Dymot specialises in include rail car moving systems (both endless rope & single type), hydraulic winches and rope sheaves. Dymot has
designed and manufactured large barge moving winches (for mining plants) as well as mill rotating winches. The company has also manufactured a range of stage and construction winches for shaft
sinking and tower building/sliding applications.
Dymot Engineering
Tel: (011) 970-1920, www.dymot.co.za