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Industrial operations that rely heavily on the performance of bulk materials handling equipment place high demands on the equipment’s
reliability, performance and productivity. Superior materials-handling facilities must be designed using innovative technology and progressive
computer aided design and process tools to achieve a competitive edge.
While we have provided bulk materials handling services for decades, the fundamental issues facing owners and operators of facilities have not changed. Achieving optimum cost per ton and meeting quality standards is the core performance evaluator.
We understand these drivers and provide specialised knowledge to enable our clients’ facilities to be sustainable, safe, environmentally friendly and more competitive in terms of minimum capital and operating costs per unit of throughput.
Our experience
Our integration of strong process teams, proven systems, and advanced technologies enable us to design and install material-handling facilities to meet aggressive schedules, quicker ramp-up, and enhance operability and maintainability. For example, conveyors are capable of moving bulk
solids at high speeds over long distances which closely follow the terrain by employing horizontal and vertical curves. Minimizing product degradation,
dust and noise are prevailing issues, particularly at export terminals. Contemporary chutes (which load belts to minimise wear on belts) are geometrically shaped to minimise impact. Our bulk materials handling expertise services the mining and metallurgical industry on projects
around the globe. We offer a complete list of service offerings, from conceptual studies to full-scale engineering, procurement, construction
management (EPCM) projects including bulk materials handling and supporting infrastructure such as major port and marine facilities, and
heavy-haul rail components. We draw on a range of engineering disciplines
underpinned by diverse knowledge of resource operations. Our integrated disciplines and holistic approach promote innovative design of
metallurgical processes that surpass industry standards.
We are entrepreneurs with a technical soul.