NDT on ropes

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa is now an agent for the TST FDSys.P Flaw Detection System – a portable steel-wirerope inspection solution that enables 100% accurate non-destructive inspection of wire ropes with diameters ranging from 6 to 70mm.
“We’re very excited to have added the TST products to our stable,” says LE South Africa Managing Director, Colin Ford. “They allow the instant, real-time, portable detection of wire rope flaws, such as broken wires, corrosion, pitting, abrasion and fatigue. The tester is ideal for inspecting wire ropes on mine hoists, cranes, elevators, cableways, power grids, suspended
bridges and drilling platforms.” Colin explains that the tester uses magnetic
inductive sensing technology and MFL (magnetic flux leakage) wire rope inspection techniques. Essentially, fault events leave a magnetic signature, which the detector can pick up. “This allows for high-speed, accurate, user-friendly inspections,” he concludes.
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