synthetic wire

Konecranes has launched their new S-series overhead crane which after years of research, development and testing, includes Konecrane’s unique synthetic wire rope hoist. The synthetic wire rope hoist gives a barb-free operation, reduced maintenance costs as well as safer handling and easier load carrying.

One Million Operations

“Our newly-launched C-series electric chain hoist has been designed using the latest technologies so that an enhanced and safe performance can be
delivered, while offering an optimal lifetime value. The unique C-series, is a new generation in electric chain hoists which, through its innovative design, can be used for over one million operations,” says Emil Berning, Managing Director or Konecranes and Demag (Pty) Ltd.
Launched late in 2019, the C-series has been ‘built smart’ with the toughness, precision and reliability of the company’s Core of Lifting components. “It is our most advanced electric chain hoist yet, with
a lifting capability of up to 5 000kg. Additionally, the C-series brings more control and mobility to working areas due to its new and more compact
hoist shape,” Emil comments.
The hoist, which boasts a redesigned motor cooling system, offers up to a 50% longer runtime than the previous generation, with a brake built for over a million operations. Safety features such as the operating limit switch and safety clutch have been enhanced for better performance and reliability. There designed chain sprocket pairing gives the chain a higher lifetime expectancy and ensures smooth and reliable operation.
Emil adds, “I believe that Konecranes has taken the electric chain hoist to a completely new level of operation through tangible state-of-the-art improvements that will make a major impact and difference to customer’s lifting facilities.”
Advanced lifting improvements
The C-series features an entirely new tough and durable motor. Less time is spent on servicing, resulting in more hoist uptime. The new motor also
offers more effective cooling leading to a reduction in heat and offering greater power. A longer continuous up to 60% is also a new enhancement.
The new self-adjusting brake system increases the coil life and reduces lifetime costs enabling over one million operations. An improved safety clutch system offers greater reliability while the updated fan gives more power. The brake always engages in the case of power loss, thereby increasing safety.
The redesigned sprocket works perfectly with the chain giving a prolonged chain lifetime. The C-series electric chain hoist also has a new top bracket design which is easily installed and multiple hoisting speeds with a 4:1 ratio are available. The bold new gearbox offers a tested reliability with lifetime lubrication which boosts productivity and lifting speeds. Performance and safety are also enhanced via the new safety clutch design. New angles in hoisting Designed for the efficient use of working space. Konecranes C-series is a product that takes into consideration operator requirements and ease of use. There is more comfort due to less vibration and lighter structures that give better working ergonomics. The C-series offers more control and mobility in working areas due to the improved shape and dimensions of the new hoist.
“The C-series is effective simplicity at its best, the hoist can be up and running in minutes due its simple and fast installation. Less downtime always equates to greater efficiencies. The new design offers easy access to all components and adjustments based on production needs and requires minimum effort with the 2/1 reeving by turning the top bracket 180°,” Emil elaborates.
“I believe customers will see significant improvements in efficiencies, performance and longevity with the C-series electric chain hoist, which comes with the Konecranes technical support and online data access that we are renowned for,” Emil concludes. Konecranes’ C-series is one of three new lifting products the company has recently launched; the other re-designed and improved equipment ranges are the S-series and the M-series.
Richard Roughly