3D Scanning for Chute Solutions

With the power of three-dimensional (3D) scanning technology, transfer point specialist Weba Chute Systems & Solutions ensures there are no surprises when designing and installing its solutions.

“The accuracy of 3D scanning means that we can rapidly gather detailed measurements of large infrastructure on a customer’s site,” says the company’s technical director, Alwin Nienaber.

“This data allows us to generate highly accurate 3D models of on-site conditions, which refines the accuracy of the equipment and componentry we develop and install on site.”

Greater accuracy keeps rework costs in design and manufacturing to a minimum, and reduces any downtime during the installation phase. Detailed 3D scan data allows all elements of the existing infrastructure to be considered during the preliminary design stage, so that the customer is assured of a reliable costing in a project’s early feasibility stages.

Alwin highlights that there may be numerous deformations or undocumented alterations in the customer’s existing infrastructure that could complicate the design and execution of a project. Manual measurement of dimensions may also not deliver the levels of accuracy required.

“Especially when we are replacing transfer points or chutes, we can significantly de-risk the process with our capacity to reverse-engineer the solution within the existing constraints,” he says. “The scanned data is superimposed on our design intent, alerting us to interference that will disrupt smooth installation.”

One of the key advantages of 3D scanning, therefore, is that it contributes to the level of certainty that Weba Chute Systems & Solutions can achieve in the design and implementation of projects. The precision and portability of modern laser scanners have made them invaluable in designing, building and extending technical facilities.

“Our decades of experience in the mining environment give us the capacity to fully leverage the value of 3D scanning to the benefit of our customers,” adds Alwin. “This means accurate costing and seamless project roll-out – on time and on budget.”

Weba Chute Systems & Solutions