In over 200 years of crane manufacture and supply, Demag’s range of universal cranes still offer a superior lifting option that is hard to dispute, especially with over 800 000 Demag cranes installed in over 60 countries with 63 000 remote connections.

“Demag’s universal cranes offer the largest range in the industry and come with a pedigree that is applauded around the world. The high level of certainty of quality, efficiency and reliability associated with Demag is without question one of its most striking features.

“Customer performance expectations are easily met and maintained, the safety of the equipment is outstanding due to its unique Safe control system and compliance with Crane Safety Function Performance Level d” said Demag Managing Director, Emil Berning.

The universal crane gives optimal adaptation to the building geometry and the best possible configuration is ensured for every application due to the high variety of crane types and possible connections. The top-mounted crane bridges make installation easier while the double girder overhead travelling cranes maximise coverage of available floor space due to improved cross-travel approach dimensions.

The Demag product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes. Apart from universal cranes with welded box-section girders, the company also offers solutions with rolled steel sections. The tailored wall-mounted travelling cranes and crane sets are based on standardised components to meet specific customer application requirements.

“Our Demag V-type crane due to its tapered diaphragm joints offers a reduced oscillation by up to 30%, 17% less deadweight and up to 500000 changes of load giving it a longer service life. It really has revolutionised load handling” says Emil.

With 55% less surface area exposed to wind, maximum stability of load bearing parts and improved safety due to greater light, the V-type offers significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.

The Demag double-girder overhead travelling cranes give exceptional load capacity for a low deadweight. Their innovative crane geometry also provides for extremely good travel characteristics, which minimises wear on the end carriages and crane runway. The load hook can be raised between the two crane girders, which allows large lifting heights to be achieved.