Leading Brands Offer a Holistic Solution

The combination of being able to offer two leading brands locally allows Mandirk Lifting to offer its clients complete solutions and not standalone products. Part of the Mandirk Group, Mandirk Lifting was established to extend the group’s total solutions approach. 

These two brands are Enerpac, a leader in high-pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products, and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. The other brand is Kito a company specialising in materials-handling equipment such as hoists and cranes.
Japanese OEM Kito is represented exclusively in the Western and Eastern Cape, as well as in Gauteng, by Mandirk Lifting.
“Kito is a premium range, but the total cost of ownership is significantly low due to the fact that repairs are rare and the maintenance is simple. It also guarantees the health and safety of personnel. In addition, every single product is traceable to its manufacturing stage in Japan, which provides direct customer support on a global basis,” says Mandirk Lifting GM, Jaco Vorster.
Another advantage is that the Japanese OEM manufactures products for all operating environments globally, meaning that products are guaranteed to operate cost-effectively and with maximum uptime in rough African conditions.
Neil Watson, Commercial Manager for Enerpac Africa, comments that Enerpac is the largest supplier of industrial maintenance and bolting equipment in the world. It has acquired three other leading companies in the last three years, a testament to its ongoing growth and dominance.
“The main industries we focus on are mining and construction, particularly in terms of maintenance of heavy earthmoving equipment. Another area is power generation, where we supply torque wrenches to coal-fired power stations, and bolt-tensioning solutions for nuclear power generation,” Neil explains.
Repairs on the increase
Enerpac-approved service centres have been established countrywide to service equipment and bring it back to its original factory condition. Given the current constraints and margin pressure in both mining and construction, Neil adds that the demand for repair and refurbishment is growing steadily.
“In terms of the EMP, we recall our products for regular check-ups in our workshops, along with additional testing and servicing. This guarantees that our products are in perfect working order all year round,” Neil concludes. A novel trade-in programme allows for opposition products that have failed to be credited towards the purchase of Enerpac products.
Jaclyn Bilson
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