Encouraging Local Developments on Local Front

The Mining Platform of Murray & Roberts’ order book has now recovered to pre-pandemic levels, says Mike da Costa, CEO of the Mining Platform, “Our orderbook now totals R22,2 billion which is sharply up on the R17,9 billion of a year ago. Future prospects also look good as there is a significant pipeline of new […]

Transnet’s Approach will Scupper Private Investments

Transnet’s conditions for private third-party access to the country’s freight rail network will see absolutely no private investments made because inter alia, two-year contracts have been offered; slots have been offered on a voetstoots basis; Transnet has reserved special ‘Grandfather rights’ for itself; and only a portion of the network is being offered with no […]

Posing as a Reputable Auctioneer 

“Scammers have been known to duplicate websites as well as social media pages of reputable auctioneers as a means to lure unsuspecting buyers,” warns the South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) member, Martin Dibowitz. Martin explains that these scams can be best described as a “middleman scam” where they have devised many avenues to get […]

A Dry Stack Tailings (DST) Solution

The recent commissioning of a Dry Stack Tailings (DST) system was supplied by Takraf to a Brazilian mine. While the dry stacking concept is not new, with references as early as 1909 in Australia, technological advances have made DST an increasingly important alternative to conventional methods for handling mine waste, enabling mining companies to significantly […]

Work at Height Case Studies

The Master Builders Association recently held a seminar on working at height, presented in collaboration with The Institute for Work at Height (IWH), using real-life fall case studies. Lydia Mentoor, Johannesburg Regional Manager for construction sector insurer Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) outlined a case in which a lanyard detached from the locking hook […]

Top Energy Trends for Miners

Aggreko’s Global Head of Mining, Rod Saffy, says while miners are embracing the global energy transition, some are unsure where to begin. “For some miners it’s about knowing where to start and they may be weighing up the cost, risk and threat of new technology in the future. Fortunately, technology isn’t in the same place […]

From the Chairman’s Desk

A panel discussion at the Joint Forum meeting held recently discussed the ground-breaking work on conveyor belt energy efficiency being done globally and the opportunity this has for the local bulk handling industry.  End users are insisting on IRR belts to save on operational costs.  Suppliers may claim energy efficient belts, but there is no […]

Buying and Selling Safely and Ethically

Mining companies should note that rather than jumping headlong into the bidding process or putting up assets for auction, Sonja Styger, chief administration officer of the South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA), recommends a quick check to establish whether the company selected is legitimate and a member of the association. SAIA is the professional body […]

Considering Transfer Points Early Makes Sense

The mining sector relies increasingly on Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firms for new builds and expansions, allowing miners to focus on their core mandates. The advantage of using EPCMs is their design and execution capability, which many mining companies have elected to reduce over the years. According to Weba Chute Systems project manager […]

From the Chairman’s Desk

Belt Conveyor Course The Conveyor Manufacturers Association is running its “Design & Operations of Belt Conveyor” Diploma Course from 9 to 16 May in Johannesburg. This is an intensive course on how conveyors operate and how their various components are designed. Features include a thorough understanding of all the components of a conveyor, solving common […]