BMG is set to officially open its recently upgraded BMG World distribution and engineering facility at a two-day event in September 2017.

“The reveal of the BMG World facility in Johannesburg, is the culmination of a consolidation and supply chain re-engineering strategy which began nearly 10 years ago. The BMG World facility reflects the company’s ability to supply world class integrated engineering solutions to Southern African industries,” says Gavin Pelser, managing director, BMG, part of Invicta Holdings Limited.
“The R350-million investment to transform the existing Droste Park facilities into a leading edge distribution centre, was made in order to centralise functional and support operations onto one site. Through this rationalisation initiative, BMG strives to achieve cost optimisation, improve regionalised branch office systems thereby enhancing customer service capability.
“The improved facilities contain over 50 000 m² of warehousing and more than 300 000 line items of product. This enables BMG to continue to provide high levels of operating efficiencies and delivery service, in line with the substantial continued growth of the business.

Official opening
“We are looking forward to hosting over 3 000 customers, as well as international and local suppliers at this event, which marks the official opening of BMG World. The programme includes site tours, product exhibits and working demonstrations,” says Gavin.
The BMG World reveal will not only highlight the company’s extensive range of engineering components and technical expertise, but there will be a focus on how BMG integrates its vast product range and extensive technical services into tangible operational efficiencies.
This event takes place at BMG World in Droste Park, Johannesburg, on 14 and 15 September 2017 and registrations are via the website

We are looking forward to hosting over 3 000 customers, as well as international and local suppliers at this event

What’s new at BMG World
Functional operations at BMG World include a product warehouse and distribution centre for the entire product range, a manufacturing centre and general engineering workshop. There are also specialist assembly and repair workshops for drives, conveyors, hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as electric motors, electronics, gaskets, lubrication systems and filtration.
BMG has invested in the latest materials handling equipment, including high bay reach trucks, to optimise volumetric efficiency. Special machinery at the new facility includes eight dock levellers that will handle approximately 120 containers a month and a regenerative load test rig.

Test rig
This new load test rig plays a critical role in bringing the tangible benefits of the company’s ‘world class production efficiency’ to South African industry.
This 200kW load test rig has been developed in response to demand from local industry for absolute reliability from new gearboxes. This system uses the latest technology to transmit and apply loads of up to 30 000Nm, with the lowest energy consumption. This is sufficient torque to test the majority of Paramax gearboxes in BMG’s range, within at least a third of each unit’s rated capacity.
A cornerstone of this initiative is reliability engineering – a philosophy aimed at keeping plant in full productive output for as long as possible, without unnecessary maintenance or unplanned stoppages. As a result, output capacities are increased without investment in additional production lines and machinery.

Operating efficiencies
BMG’s technical resources centre offers services which positively influence a company’s operating efficiencies, by ensuring maximised mechanical reliability of plant and machinery. The technical resources team partners each customer to ensure dependable solutions, from the initial design concept, specification, manufacturing quality control, commissioning and support of equipment in use.
Services include technical applications consulting, product and system design, on-site process analysis, lab and on-site oil analysis, product quality control and assurance, as well as condition monitoring services.
BMG World is also home to field services. A team of at least 140 mobile technicians, with specialist technical skills and equipment, conduct breakdown and routine maintenance on plant. This team carries out trouble shooting and advises on possible productivity improvements, to ensure the highest level of plant availability and reliability.
Specialist services include installation, adjustment, replacement and maintenance of components, shaft and pulley alignment, balancing, condition monitoring, oil sampling and analysis and critical equipment inspections and lubrication schedules. Maintenance training and fault diagnosis are an important part of BMG’s field services.

This team carries out trouble shooting and advises on possible productivity improvements, to ensure the highest level of plant availability and reliability
Comprehensive support
The upgraded premises also include significantly expanded facilities in the customer service centre for the BMG Academy of Excellence’s practical and theoretical training, to take advantage of Merseta accreditation for skills development and training for company employees and customers. BMG recognises the need to grow engineering skills, not only for its own succession requirements, but also for the development and sustainability of African economies.
BMG is committed to providing a 24 hour customer process support for production efficiency and reliability centred maintenance. This is enhanced by advanced technical and design support across all functional disciplines.
BMG, Riaan le Roux, Tel: (011) 620-1500

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