The importance of proactive back-up service cannot be over-estimated in ensuring that customers benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership. It is for this reason that Goscor Access Rental prides itself on its 24/7 aftermarket service.
Martin Welmans, National Technical Manager at Goscor Access Rental says, “The truth of the matter is that aftermarket support is probably your greatest selling asset. If customers experience problems, and you do not attend to them quickly enough, there is a great probability of losing them.
“That is why we strive for 24/7 aftermarket support. It is critical for us as a rental company to ensure that our equipment is up and running for as long and as effectively as is possible.”
Goscor Access Rental has a standard policy of responding to any breakdown, fault, or problem within a two-hour window period. If it is then deemed that the equipment cannot be repaired within a further nine-hour window period, a replacement unit is provided until the necessary repairs can be effected on the original.
Martin points out that every item of equipment from Goscor Access Rental has a prominent decal attached to it displaying all relevant contact details, including that of the Managing Director, such is the company’s pride in its rapid response and turnaround time.
“The customer or machine operator can phone either the site agent or site manager, depending on the chain of command. They, in turn, will communicate with the relevant technician, workshop or service manager, or myself if need be,” he concludes.
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